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MedSoc Committee

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President: Harris Tzokas

Vice President Academic: Isobel Jones

Vice President Social: Alex Jones

Secretary: Jyotsna Anand

Treasurer: Molly Willcocks

ENTS: Ben Parker and Alex Browne

Societies and Charities: Jess Yu

Sponsorship Rep: Chloe Moran

Sports Rep: Callum Henry

International Rep: Maiar ElHariry

MedBall Reps: Kate Owen, Camille Du Buisson, Ruchika Madhotra, India Dickinson, Maria Skaria and Shruti Attarde

BMedSci Rep: Zach Lim

Physio Rep: Ela Hopkins

Nursing Rep

CAWC Acting Chair: Bisam Ul Haq

Tech Rep: Richard Parry

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19 Apr 2021

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