We’re SurgSoc – the University’s Surgical Society! On behalf of all of our members, we would like to wish you all a warm welcome to the University of Birmingham.

SurgSoc is one of the LARGEST and MOST ACTIVE societies under the MedSoc banner.

Our members are some of the most dedicated and have made the last few years truly amazing. In 2010 we were voted the best MedSoc society and last year, we were recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons as the most innovative surgical society in England. We want to continue our success and with YOUR help we can make SurgSoc the best society in the country!

So what’s the secret behind our success? Well, we have many events planned throughout the year to keep our members busy and involved on all surgical matters! These include:

  • Our annual Careers Evening with expert surgeons in their fields
  • Prosection/Dissection Teaching
  • Our now famous Anatomy Course and Lecture Series
  • Talks delivered by famous, internationally-renowned surgeons such as Professor Harold Ellis CBE
  • Surgical Skills Sessions
  • Visits to the Royal College of Surgeons of England for “Anatomy Away Days”, with whom we are affiliated
  • Fun-filled socials such as “SurgSoc meets VodBull”.
  • Many More!

What’s more, we welcome EVERYONE. Whether you’re a budding future neurosurgeon or just have a passing interest in anatomy, please don’t hesitate to get into contact. Join up for a fun-filled and educational experience!

Bharat Markandey (

President 2013-2014