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Here at Medsoc, we have over 80 societies, charities and sports for you to get involved with! On this page you'll find our academic societies, religious societies, drama societies along with many others: theres sure to be something that you'll love! Feel free to browse around and pop into the zoom chat of whatever catches your eye: we're all freindly and theres absolutly no pressure to join!

If you're looking for a charitable society and can't find it on this page, its probably on our Charities page.

If you're looking for sports teams you can find them here.

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ACMS (African Caribbean Medical Society)

57 members


85 members

Birmingham Academic Medicine Society

151 members

Birmingham Anaesthetics and Critical Care Society

120 members

Birmingham Anatomy Society

4 members

Birmingham Emergency Medicine Society (BEMS)

212 members

Birmingham Internal Medicine Society (BIMS)

461 members

Birmingham Medical Humanities Society

57 members

Birmingham Medical Leadership Society

137 members

Birmingham Palliative Medicine Society

43 members

University of Birmingham Cardiovascular Society

81 members

Birmingham University Gastrointestinal Society (BUGS)

101 members

Birmingham University Sports and Exercise Medicine Society

71 members

BMedSc/BSc Biomedical Science

292 members


27 members

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)

125 members

Comedy Revue

46 members

MedSoc Dance

169 members


156 members

Docs Not Cops

68 members


37 members


23 members

Fit Club

25 members

GP Society

227 members


77 members

International Society

57 members

IM Soc

5 members

Islamic Medical Society

147 members

JMed: Jewish Medical Society

31 members

LGBTQ Society

41 members

MedYoga - Free yoga for students!

228 members


214 members


42 members

UBMS OncSoc: Oncology Society

118 members


51 members

Physician Associates

10 members


42 members

PONGSoc: Paediatrics, Obstetrics, Neonatology and Gynaecology Society

333 members

Psychiatry Society (PsychSoc)

134 members


401 members

MedSoc Tech Team

9 members


99 members

Trauma and Orthopaedics Society

132 members


83 members

Tutti - The MedSoc Music Society

172 members

UBMS Debate Soc

23 members


47 members

University of Birmingham Clinical Pharmacology Society

4 members

University of Birmingham Ophthalmology Society (BOS)

112 members

Wilderness Medicine

182 members
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14 May 2021

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