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Let's be honest, by this point in your life you probably know what a sport is. But these aren't just any sports, these are Medsoc sports...

Sports form a huge part of Medsoc, and with 15 sports societies there’s something for everyone to get involved with. Many of our sports compete in NAMS (National Association of Medical Schools), in which our teams play against other Medical Schools, as well as intramural and local leagues. Whether you want to try a new sport or continue one you’ve played competitively or non-competitively, Medsoc Sports offers something for everyone!

Medsoc Sports are a great way to play with people who understand your workload, with training fitted around the strenuous requirements of Medsoc courses. They are also known for their legendary socials, with many people making close friends with people from other courses and years. Many of our sports also run tours throughout the year, both in the UK and abroad.

Feel free to jump into any of the zoom calls to find out more about each sport, we're all friendly and would love to have a chat!

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157 members

BMWFC (Women's Football)

70 members

Cricket (UBMSCC)

71 members


280 members


95 members


1 members


91 members

UBMS Netball

194 members

Rugby - Men's

130 members

UBMS Squash

134 members


101 members

Men's Football (UBMS FC)

178 members

UBMS Basketball

55 members

UBMSWRFC- Women's Rugby (Rugby Birds)

145 members
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19 Apr 2021

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