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Birmingham Academic Medicine Society

The Birmingham Academic Medicine Society (BAMSoc) is a student-led society that endeavours to inspire and enthuse all students from the College of the Medical and Dental Sciences to engage with research and to discover the formidable opportunities and wonders that a career in academic medicine can offer.  Our events are aimed at all students as research is an increasingly fundamental component of any future, successful medical career.

Academic medicine consists of three major faculties: 1. Research, 2. Leadership, 3. Teaching. Academic medics or physician-scientists work with other medical researchers to enhance patient care and clinical outcomes and hence are the link between researchers and doctors. The job description of an academic medic is entirely personal to the individual. It will include: laboratory work, managerial and leadership posts, committee representation, undergraduate teaching and of course clinical practice. The beauty of academic medicine is you can choose how much of your time you devote to each of these components!

We not only aim to equip you with the skills you need to be competent in the fields of research and academia, but we also aim to inspire you to push yourself and to grasp fantastic opportunities so you can reap the rewards of personal development alongside the professional development that you gain from your medical studies.

We as a society share a passion for academic medicine and we are committed to sharing this passion with yourselves.

We run many events throughout the year including:

  1. How to… workshops series that aim to equip you with essential academic skills such as: How to… critically appraise/ How to… present/ How to… write a winning CV/ How to… write an essay brought to you by experts in the field
  2.  Key advances in medicine: Bringing you the most current research taking place in Birmingham
  3. Patient Public Involvement-Join the revolution: A very exciting series of events aiming to convince you why patients are crucially important in healthcare provision, planning, research and their care
  4. BAMSoc National Annual Academic Conference: Our penultimate event of the year providing you with the perfect opportunity to practice many academic skills including presenting, communicating and networking with professionals and the public

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns oavailabe r need inspiring!!! 

For more information please come and see us at the fresher’s fair, email us ( or come along to any of our events.

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The Chronicle Of Research Success

Our very first issue of 'The Chronicle of Research Success' is available online. The Chronicle is a compile of some of the prominent works in the University of Birmingham Medical School. Works included range from published works to posters that have won prizes at National or International Conferences. Click here to view The Chronicle and for further details.

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14 May 2021

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