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A warm welcome from SurgSoc; the University of Birmingham’s official surgical society!

Ever thought about a career in surgery or just want some top-quality anatomy teaching? We are here for you!


Pre-clinical med students, we offer:

1. Extensive anatomy teaching catered to your end of year exams

2. Anatomy podcasts made by students with First Class Anatomy degrees, which are catered to your anatomy teachings

3. Anatomage teachings to show you 3D models of the human body and give you structured teaching

4. Anatomy Day Away in London to visit an Anatomy museum and learn from anatomy demonstrators 

5. Basic surgical skills and advanced surgical skills to teach you how to do basic suturing and impress your surgeons in theatre


For aspiring surgeons we offer:

1. Annual Birmingham Surgical Symposium with 10 hands on workshops, careers fair to network with amazing surgeons from Birmingham and inspiring lectures. 

2. Annual Plastic Surgery Conference with 4 hands on workshops and amazing lectures

3. Annual 'So You Wanna Be A Surgeon' series to introduce all the major surgical specialties and get the chance to find a mentor and learn about how to get into the specialty of your choice

4. Women in Surgery event to inspire all our budding female surgeons

5. Collaborations with National associations such as Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) to attend conferences, present posters and network with surgeons from around the conference. 

6. Eye-catching articles, quizzes and interviews from revolutionary surgeons which are featured in our new website. 


How to contact us:

Our brand new website


Facebook (all of our events are posted on this):

Instagram (all of our events are posted on this): uob_surgsoc

Membership: 5 pounds (ONLY!)

Zoom meeting for Freshers Fair:

Meeting ID: 952 6855 6241


We look forward to seeing you at our events! 


Our collaboration with Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) with chances to attend national and international surgical conferences and buff up your CV with publications and networking events!

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14 May 2021

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